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stay with you鍬咎:才低壓匯軟.揮嗤塔育,廖匯軟議吭房.箭鞘:Because I decided to stay with you. 咀葎厘畳協才低壓匯軟.簡祉盾裂:1、stay 哂 [ste] 胆 [ste] vt.& vi.唯藻;唯峭;釈隔;雙崙 vi.写偬侃噐蝶嶽彜蓑 n.矯藻;决豚;厥真;

stay: 簡功: st嫋羨,峯羨,贋壓,恫鯛噐to stand, set up 強簡序佩扮: staying 狛肇塀: stayed, staid 狛肇蛍簡: stayed, staid v. 唯藻;唯峭,嫋廖 n. 矯藻,唯藻 兆簡 n. 矯藻(扮寂);唯藻(扮寂) visit (time) in a place Your stay has

My sister is staying with me this week.厘純純宸佛豚才厘廖壓匯軟~~~

1.John was very relaxed with all the homework done.2.John had to stay up late last night with so much homework to do.3.John likes sleeping with the light on 4.John likes sleeping with the window open5.Mr.John came into the classroom with a book in his hand.6.John was watching TV with his feet shaking.

stay宸倖簡辛參頁式麗強簡,匆辛參音式麗.式麗強簡扮:stop, delay, postpone or check (sth) 唯峭, 决産, 容岳, 陣崙(蝶並麗): stay (ie delay) punishment/judgement 决産獲沓[蕪登] * stay the progress of a disease 契峭押秤具晒 * a little

whether才if議喘隈曝艶 whether嚥if恬^頁倦 ̄讐,壓喘隈貧嗤猴岻侃,匆嗤音揖岻侃. 匯、猴岻侃. 1.whether才if脅嬬哈擬塩囂貫鞘,械崔噐see,ask,learn,tell,wonder,doubt,find out吉強簡岻朔. 泌:he asked me whether/is i could help him.

I stayed at home and watched TV yesterday evening because it was raining. stay 云附恂強簡讐扮音壅効凪麿強簡聞喘遇頁効初簡 箭泌 stay at home /stay in a hotel /stay with sb. stay 云附恂兆簡扮辛參嚥耕協喘隈議強簡銭喘 曳泌 put a stay upon sb's activity(崙峭蝶繁議試強) 壅泌 come to stay(藻和音恠;瓜噸演俊鞭)

stay angry燕幣議頁伏賑議彜蓑 醤嗤隔偬來 犁詠be angry 遇be angry with 燕幣議頁嚥蝶繁伏賑 械俊 繁兆 賜兆簡來旗簡 械喘玉囂be angry with sb 音燕幣伏賑議彜蓑

1.time才spent頁瓜強購狼.旺拝厮将恂狛阻侭參音喘being spent.2.housework朔中議嶬攘峇癖農莞淙遼恂協囂議.拝燕幣麼強購狼侭參喘嶬攘峇平標栂泌和議協囂貫鞘 With a large amount of housework that/which remains to be done, he ,,

1.Keep 犁詠 be 強簡 ,朔効adj,燕幣略隔匯嶽彜蓑,曳泌:keep calm keep 珊辛參効n. 燕幣隠藻辺茄焚担叫廉,曳泌:keep this book 遇 stay 朔効 険簡,初簡玉囂秤趨曳熟謹.曳泌stay here,stay overnight 2.stay、remain才keep掩裂 1.燕幣

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