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具体安装步骤如下: 1. 安装 OpenVPN Connect (只需在第一次时安装一次) 开始 "Google Play Store" ,搜索 "OpenVPN Connect" 应用并下载它. 2. 下载并安装 OpenVPN 的连接配置文件 (.ovpn file) (只需在第一次时安装一次) 通过使用 OpenVPN 为

URL.openConnect和URL.connect 连接失败或错误都会抛出异常的 URL.prasexxX之类得函数也能判断URL字符串是不是合法的URL

问题:问: What is this app used for?答: OpenConnect is used to access virtual private networks (VPNs) which utilize the Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN protocol. A typical use case might involve logging into your workplace remotely to check

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