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[00:00.01]Mario-Let Me Love You(Album) [00:00.05](Lyrics by Corinna) [00:00.50] [00:00.86]Mmmm Mmmmm Yeah Mmmmm Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [00:10.68]Mmmm uh Mmmm Yeah, Mmmm Yeah, Yeah,[00:19.64] [00:21.10]Baby I just


Let me love you Say go through the darkest of days 都说经历了晦暗无光的日子 Heaven's a heartbreak away 天堂不再有心碎 Never let you go never let me down 绝不会让你离开我 绝不会让你失望 Oh it's been a hell of a ride 这漫长的旅程 Driving

愿意就说: YES I DO! 不愿意说: I'm sorry,i can not accept you !


歌曲:Let Me Love You 歌曲原唱:Ne-Yo 歌词 Much as you blame yourself,尽管你责怪自己 You can't repent for the way that you feel 但无法为你的感觉方式后悔 Had no example of a love,从未遇到过 That was even remotely real 这样虚无缥缈的

歌曲名:Let Me Love you (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)歌手:Ne-Yo专辑:R.E.D.Let me love

let me love you 看下对不


翻译:我爱你,但只爱你.相关句子: 1、I just love mangos. But you can't find them in Alaska. 我只喜欢吃芒果.但在阿拉斯加就是找不到. 2、It's hard for me, but just remember how much I love you. 对我来说太难了,但是要记住我真的很爱你

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