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不需要特意的加,如果表示特指的时候,可加。 例句:Writing is a relatively difficult skill to master during the second language acquisition.写作是第二语言学习中较难掌握的一项语言技能。 His essay firstly illustrates the definition...

foreign language acquisition 词典结果 foreign language acquisition 外语习得

个人认为差别不大,就像汉语中的语言学习和学习语言,非要说区别,那不妨把它看成偏正短语,language learning更强调learning,learning language强调language。 learning language和writing practice的结构不一样,虽然都是动名词+名词的形式,...

What’s ‘Second Language Acquisition’?1) Introduction: describing and explaining L2 acquisitionL2 is fairly a recent phenomenon, belonging to the second half of the twentieth century. ‘L2 acquisition’ can be defined as the way ...

"Learning a language is easy. Even a child can do it!" Most adults who are learning a second language would disagree with this statement. For them, learning a language is a very difficult task. They need hundreds of hours of st...

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language learning 语言学习. 祝你学习愉快~ 希望能够帮到你! 满意请采纳,谢谢!

现写的话分实在是太少了。 关键性的话在下面,你自己连成对话吧。 1、What is language for? some people seem to think it’s for practicing grammar rules and learning lists of words——the longer the words the better. that’s wrong. lang...

Let me show you some ways to succeed in language learning. It cannot without a lot of practice, and you can do it anywhere. For example,

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