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it is worthy Doing

it is worth doing这是值得做的双语对照例句:1.But it can be done. It is worth doing. 但是,它是可以做到的,也是值得做的.2.Such a deal would doubtless take many years of negotiations, but georgia and estoniaand doubtless other cyber-conflicts to come will show it is worth doing. 这样一项协议无疑需要经过多年的谈判,但格鲁吉亚和爱沙尼亚无疑还有未来将出现的其它网络冲突将表明,签署这项协议是值得的.

sth is worthy of being done \ sth is worth doing. 很多英文单词不遵循一般语法的~

It is worthwhile to do sth

it is worthy of doing it is worth doingxxx两种方式都是值得做~注意worth和worthy的区别哦~希望可以帮到你~

一般是前一种说法,用一个形式主语 it 开头.有些老师会说这是固定句型之类的.其实,是老外说话的习惯.it's worth your while to go see the movie, which is real cool, dude (美国青少年可能这么说).

不对,应该为 worthy + 不定式的被动式 (不可再用介词of) 1)This book is worthy to be read. 这本书值得一读. 2)There occurred nothing that was worthy to be mentioned. 没有值得一提的事发生. 3)The suggestion he put forward is worthy to be considered. 他提出的建议值得考虑. 4)If you'd be loved, be worthy to be loved. 要得到别人的爱,就必须有值得爱的地方.



Be Worth doing . Be Worthwhile doing . Be worthy to do

It是主语 is worth considering是谓语 be worth doing 是固定句型 如果 后面 有名词性从句的话 ,则it是形式主语,后面的名词性从句是主语从句作真正主语 如 It is worth considering what makes people happy in your life. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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