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it FEEls so niCE

it ,feels ,so , nice,如何连成一句话 应该是:It feels so nice.意思是:这个(东西)摸起来感觉不错.

英文原文:it feels so nice怎么读英式音标:[t] [fil] [s] [nas] 美式音标:[t] [fil] [so] [nas]

it ___so nice.feels


It feels so nice!Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.待到分别时,始知爱意深

feel改成feels 三单形式 希望能帮到你,如有疑问,可追问~

“lt feels so nice” 感觉很好

it looks so nice的中文翻译 it looks so nice 它看起来很好 双语例句1 It looks so nice, with a beautiful environment and fresh air. 这里真不错,环境优美、空气清新.

《吻别》hiding from the rain and snowtrying to forget but i won't let golooking at a crowded streetlistening to my own heart beatso many people all around the worldtell me where do i find someone like you girltake me to your heart take me to your

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