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from time to time[英][frm taim tu: taim][美][frm tam tu tam]不时,偶尔,间或; 时而; 相关单词:From Time To Time使用例句:1And I'll need some help from time to time.并且有时还需要帮助.2I'm known to do that from time to time.我知

1 from time to time at times;(every) now and then ;occasionally;once in a while有时;时时;间或*i see him at the library from time to time.我有时在图书馆见到他.*he called at our home from time to time.他有时到我们家玩.*from time to time we

不时地,偶尔 例子:I can see Hieks at the library from time to time. 我在图书馆有时能看见希克斯.

at times 强调“时常,不时”.from time to time 强调“时而,有时'.频率不同

at times at whiles for time to time from time to time on occasion sometimes都有有时的意思

from time to time 时常,有时,不时 from time to time是 time 的常见短语,是一个表示频度的介词短语,其频度和 at times, sometimes ,now and then是同意表达,都表示“有时”的意思.from time to time=sometimes=at times=now and then 频度


词典解释 1. 有时;不时 He went fishing from time to time. 他不时去钓鱼. 以下结果来自互联网网络释义 from time to time1. 时常,有时,不时 四六级常考词组19 from time to time / / 时常,有时,不时2. 不时地,时常 高考英语书面表达必备词组 - 英语教师网不时地,时常 from time to time3. 时常,有时 托福词汇备战篇--同义词组整理(3)|□-from time to time时常,有时


from time to time 不时,有时

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