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My daily life Everyday I get up at 6:30 and go to school at 7:00. After four classes, I 17:00 I finish my class at school and go home.I would like to have a break. At 18:00 I do my

【满分作文】 Dear Terry How are you doing? Learning that you are about to pay a visit to a Chinese friend and confused about the Chinese customs, I am writing to put forward some advice. Firstly, I would 1ike to suggest that you arrive 5 to 10

I'm in a new moon festival. he told me to help him to write a composition, but 80 words of the composition of eight, if he knew the teacher will not be abused! but i only contributed an article, you dog, to die! you think of who you is, true, i see your labour well, you is a pig.

Perhaps,my idea on the life in 20 years is quite different from the others.I would like to say that we will have a very miserable life in the 20 years while the other people are

How to Learn English Well? Some people think that if we want to learn English well we must learn English grammar well first of all. Others believe we can't learn English well unless we keep in m


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