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德澳斯吞斯谈辩术 德澳斯吞斯是古希腊的雄辩家,有人问他雄辩术的首要之点是什么.他说:“是行动.”第二点呢?“行动.”第三点呢?“仍然是行动.” 人有两种能力,思维能力和行动能力.没有达到自己的目标,往往不是因为思维能力

i shall at tempt to convince you that the place of women is in the home. the family is the unit of society and the mother is the center of the family. how can the family keep together if the mother is out at work all day? the government recognizes the need

Good morining!Ladies and gentlemen!This class will be your stage to show your shrong ability in debating,and I'm your host again!I think you all have known the topic today,now just look at the blackboard,you can see it,"Watching a film at home

一辩:FIRST DEBATER 二辩:SECOND DEBATER 对方辩友,my fellow debaters 开始的陈词,Honorable judges, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen..后来的部分就和一般的议论问差不多了. 然后加点题外话:陈述的时候一定要自

Dear editor: Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets at home in cities.Some students are against it. They think that will pollute the environment and make noise, even hurt people. But some students agree with

can widen our knowledge 扩大知识面 we can learn to improve our time 让我们学会善用时间 improve knowledge 增长知识 excitated our interesting about science激发我们对科学的兴趣 have fun 放松自己 can know the affairs of state 可以了解国家大事 can improve our imagination提高想象力

英文议论文范文On online chatting ① 网上聊天越来越流行 ② 有人反对它,有人赞同.③ 我的看法 With the development of IT,online chatting is becoming increasingly

英文;Young people should not make their own decisions.1,青年自作主张,会因为小失误而犯大错.1, Youth Self assertion, because small mistakes and blunders.2,青年还年轻,不要什么事都要自己做主,要多多向长辈讨论.2, youth is

肢体语言(Body Language) Body language is used by people for sending messages to one another. It is very useful because it can help you make yourself easily understood. When you are talking with ot

ok the egg home. To his delight, he found that it was an egg of pu

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