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Dear XXX: I am writing to you to ask if you can lend me your digital camera. I will go to a village take photos tomorrow, but there was something wrong with my camera ,and it is being repaired in the store. I promise i will take good care of your camera

һҸļͥ,аְ֡,ܵ,һɰ. I have a happy family, home, and a father and mother, brother, a lovely of I. ҵİְָӸ߸ߵ,ϲװ,Ŀ˧. My father is a tall, like to wear a suit,



1ؼTime to time, we see someone have food on the subway or bus. Regarding this phenomenon, different people hold different ideas.Some people support having food on the subway or bus, they think it is

ԼĶһ¾ СѧӢ Ӣ Ӣ ѧӢ Ӣ пӢ ߿Ӣ Ӣļ Ӣд GRE ѧд ˼ Ӣ rig нǧƪӢ,ϣܰﵽ,þҪ,δдĶ

was very sample,Ӧ֪ʹԼ,.㲻ûзdzõȤ,㲻ʱһ.however someone didn', it is not convenient in the sense of borrowing/,it will let us happy:save



Dear my classmate XXX,I am very happy to know you have got Bachelor's Degree. : װͬѧXXX,Һܸ˵֪ѧʿѧλ.ף!ѧ

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