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We will be doing our homework tomorrow. 我们将在明天做我们的家庭作业

bring your homework to school tomorrow.

他明天将做家庭作业He is going to do his homework tomorrow.

We have homework everyday.

我明天会写家庭作业I will write my homework tomorrow.我明天会写家庭作业I will write my homework tomorrow.

The homework can be handed tomorrow

He will write your homework tomorrow 你的采纳 我的动力 希望我能继续帮助你

他将在明天完成它的作业He will finish his homework tomorrow

to bring.schoolmake rules to cut your hairare rules / be on time for must keep quiet inis too much foodleave in kitchento take fordon't make noise in the corridorsis restrict tohe is often late forwear a hatOne of the appleswatches TV his homeworkWhat animal

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